Review on the Wickey Smart Empire Climbing Frame, Swing Set and Slide

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We recently got a climbing frame swing and slide set and it could not have come at a better time between lockdown and the fab weather we have had.

For Sam’s Birthday in early Feb we had a small family party and we asked family not to bring a gift but to put money in a card for him instead. Having a birthday soon after Christmas Sam did not need new toys, his wardrobe was full and we wanted to invest in a slide/swing set for the garden so by asking for money in a card we were able to put this towards it.

We got Sam something small to open on the day and printed a picture of the slide set and popped it in a card. It is also part of Ryan’s first birthday pressie in September (we will get him something small to open, more so for Sam to see him get a gift as Ryan will be none the wiser).

Good quality climbing frames are a big investment, we wanted to get something the boys could ‘grow into’ and something that would grow with them. Wickey does just that, their whole ethos is to ‘create your adventure’ as you can customise every frame according to your budget, colour, themes and accessories.

Wickey have 6 ‘themes’ Original which are your more classic designs, Boutique which has sweet shop/cafe graphic designs available, an Explorer theme, an Islands theme which is like a beach hut and pirate theme, a City Life theme and a Kingdom theme which is like a castle theme.

We ordered on the 13th of March after much deliberation (too many options!) and the delivery arrived on the 29th of March which was so fast considering the pandemic.

We went for something from their original collection called the ‘smart empire‘ and then made a few customisation’s.

We swapped the canvas roof out for a wooden roof expansion pack this was less than £50 extra and well worth it as where we live is very exposed and I was concerned that the canvas would not stand the test of time as well as the wood. If you do stick with the canvas though you can choose from 4 colours which is great.

On every slide set you can customise your slide to your colour choice choosing from 6 colours. We went for ‘John Deere Green’ as Sam likes to call it but they also had lime green, blue, red, purple and turquoise.

Initially we were going for a smaller frame with a 120cm height slide but we decided so the boys could grow into it to go for the 150cm and I am so glad we did, it is a fast slide and Ryan will need help once he starts walking but I think that it will last longer for them.

I didn’t realise when ordering that all slides come with a feature which allows you to connect a hose and turn it into a water slide. The weather had been great and we had the hose just resting on the slide or were holding it and it wasn’t until the end of the day we realised you could just drill a small hole and clip your hose on to turn it into a water slide!

Such a fab idea and something which will get a a lot of use if the good weather returns. We added our slip and slide sheet to the bottom on the slide as it needed a bit of a runway although Wickey do accessories including a rubber tile extension which could be worth a look as already our grass is getting wrecked at the food of the slide.

The set we bought included a steering wheel and telescope but I also ordered climbing holds which we plan to add on too to make the ladder at the back seem more like a climbing wall. Other accessories can be found here.

The Smart Empire set we bought has a sand pit underneath but as Sam already had a sandpit we have just used it to park up/store his tractors and the slip and slide. An extra that would be worth ordering if you were to use this as a sandpit is the cover which will prevent your sand getting damp/dirty and toys fading in the sun, it is linked here.


What I love is that you can adapt the swings as the kids grow and they simply clip on and off. For example we got a baby swing for Ryan and when it’s really windy as we are on top of a hill I just unclip them.

We could then look at ordering a rope ladder attachment to clip on or a see-saw swing etc and just swap them over. You can also buy connectors if you ever want to extend your climbing frame too. The options really are endless.

As I mentioned previously we are on top of a hill so we bought the anchor set to hold the climbing frame in place. So glad we did as it was initially built one night on the patio and Sam came down in the morning and it had tipped over and that was before the roof was even on! So once the roof was on and it was positioned on the grass we anchored it in so secure it for peace of mind.

This was the first evenings work
Two very happy boys the next day! Roof was still to be done and accessories added!
Big enough for big kids too!

I didn’t take anything to do with the build but it came flat pack with a very substantial guide to build and everything cut to size. It has really transformed our outside space too!


It has been the best timed investment and it has been used every day since. It was lovely to be able to send family pictures and videos of the boys using it and to say thank-you for our birthday pressie. Our family were so delighted to have contributed to something so worthwhile and also something that encourages the kids to get outdoors mind you with Sam he needs little encouraging!!

If you have any questions please just send me a message on DM or contact Wickey directly. Shipping to NI was £60 for any local followers so consider that when browsing, it was very prompt and we had no issues.

There is no discount code associated as Wickey currently have a sale on their website so be sure to have a browse or follow their social channels for the latest deals and offers!

I have shared a video on our Instagram to show you more of it in action!

Tara x


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