Once Upon a Time..

The boys bedrooms are always at the forefront of our interior projects, we want them all to have a space that they can call their own, especially as they get a bit older. It’s important that they learn to take time out to themselves and let their imagination wonder whether it be playing with their favourite tractor or ‘reading’ a book.

We really want to encourage them when it comes to reading, it’s so important in this day and age where everything is on a screen..you just can’t beat the nostalgia that comes with a favourite childhood book, and thankfully the boys love when we take the time to sit down and read to them. More recently we have found them getting a book and sitting down to ‘read’ themselves, it’s amazing what they remember from looking at the pictures!

We have created little reading corners in their bedrooms and they are loving being able to have their books in their reach and being able to sit down on their own accord. It’s so heart warming to peek around the door and listen to their wee story!

The furniture from Petite Amélie is just adorable in their bedrooms, we chose the bookcase and bookshelf, perfect for their reading corners! You can find these pieces here: Toddler Wardrobes and Storage from Petite Amélie

Let’s just hope their rooms stay as tidy as this…wishful thinking!! 😂🙈

Kerry & Tara


(Furniture kindly gifted by Petite Amélie)


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