Reviewing the Noordi Fjordi Leather Travel System

I was kindly gifted the Noordi Fjordi 2in1 travel system. It arrived a few days before Ryan was born. I had expected to have Ryan arrive before the pram to be honest but Ryan had other ideas arriving 10 days late! He is now 10 weeks old, where does the time go?!

Anyway the arrival of this beauty was a welcome distraction while I waiting ‘patiently’ (yea right!) for my little bundle! I couldn’t wait to get it built! It certainly made everything start to feel so real that baby no 2 was on it’s way. On that note it was soo easy to built, in fact Leigh my sister was staying with me and basically had it built in the time it took me to put Sam to bed!


Now I understand I am in a very fortunate position with having our blog/Instagram platform and was kindly gifted the full travel system. It’s not something I have taken lightly….I know babies are A LOT of money and everything that comes with them. We bought everything first time around with Sam and had family and friends give us money towards our travel system and crib or had friends buy things from our ‘shopping list’. There is certainly no shame in asking for the things you want/need and I think if you are close enough to the person it’s always great to get something practical/on your list as opposed to a 0-3 month babygrow which you will hardly get on their back!

I was not in the market for a travel system, I bought well with Sam with the intention of using it again should we be fortunate enough to have a second child. Buying well certainly pays off . When the offer of this pram came about I was over the moon…I mean I liked my old travel system but I LOVED this range. Noordi was not a brand I had heard of but their design and quality stood out in the showroom when I first saw them. (You can watch stories on our Instagram highlight of more from the Noordi collection I viewed in the Samuel Johnston showroom).

I was under no obligation to review/given anything to say etc but feeling completely spoilt to be gifted this I wanted to review the whole travel system and genuinely use the product and all it’s parts before writing a blog on it. Not only that I wanted to shout out Samuel Johnston as they are a family run independent retailer who I feel need supported when there are large retailers in danger our local stores need to be supported. Not only do they stock the Noordi range this is also where I bought my previous travel system and crib from. They have a showroom based in Mallusk just outside Belfast with a huge range of travel systems, car seats, nursery furniture, toys and more with free onsite parking which is always a bonus.


So first things first. Aesthetically I just love the design, fabrics and quality of this system. In the showroom looking at the fabric swatches available I was weary about the eco-leather fabric but was really in love with the ‘cloud’ one on display. It made me re-evaluate my usual safe colour of grey! I was a little concerned about the leather though and the fact I was going for the cream/white or as they call it ‘cloud’ colourway…..was this practical?! I mean I live on a farm and have a 2.5 year old…am I wise?!

It has hands down been the biggest game changer! Chocolate hands, sticky fingers, mud and muck are not an issue, a wipe with a cloth or baby wipe and it’s gone. In the boot of the car I was panicking after walks in country parks in the rain of the muddy tyres dirtying the bassinet….it doesn’t matter…it wipes away! That being said I have marked it on one part of the hood were there is a scuff to the actual leather…this was my fault as I was pulling the hood down with my bundle of keys in the same hand and left a slight scuff. It’s barely noticeable but I suppose would not happen with the fabric options.

Another good thing about the eco-leather is that it’s water resistant, something we need here in N.Ireland as our weather is pretty changeable and you can easily get caught out when out for a walk. With the design of the Noordi Fjordi there is very little chance of your little one getting soaked anyway. The hood folds down so far and whether it’s in the bassinet or the pushchair your little one is basically in it’s own little luxury cocoon.

I have tried to show in the pictures with this blog and in the video I made linked HERE the quality of the fabrics used. Inside the carrycot/bassinet and the pushchair are another level of luxury with quilted super soft fabrics unlike any other brand I have seen on the market. The fabrics used and quality of stitching is really high class. These are designed for a Northern lifestyle and include thermal technology so your little one is not only safe but snug and warm. Some of the more well known high end systems on the market do not have this quality of fabric or stitching yet have higher price tags. So it’s worth doing your research and shopping around and comparing quality and price.

For me the only downside regarding the aesthetics and eco-leather is the fact that it could scuff (1 scuff inside 10 weeks using the carrycot 3/4 times a week) and also that when the hood folds out you can see the creases in the leather fabric (can you tell i’m clutching at straws here for negatives!). I also damaged the handle bar when I first got it and had not practiced putting it up and down indoors first. I scuffed the handle as it dragged on the floor, I was so cross with myself! 🙈


So looking at function then………….like all travel systems I think you the parents/guardian/carer need to evaluate your lifestyle before making a choice on a travel system. Do you like walks in the countryside or are you based more city centre using tubes, buses and needing something nippy?

In my opinion the Fjordi is more of a countryside lifestyle travel system, yes its pretty compact and looks great in the city but I wouldn’t want to be getting on and off the tube or a bus with it often. In and out of the car isn’t a bother.

The Noordi ethos is very much ‘Children First’ and this is really evident in their design. The safety is of utmost importance as well as comfort for the baby but I think if you evaluate your needs over your babies initially you can choose the correct chassis of pram first and go from there. So the Noordi Fjordi has great big wheels, four wheel drive as such and a strong and sturdy frame/chassis with suspension and shock ab sobers with a simple 1 foot break function. Perfect living on a farm down a bumpy lane and for visiting country parks as we tend to do often. The wheels are puncture proof too which for our lifestyle and on the rough tracks is super. The basket is HUGE, something my previous pram lacked…… my Noordi highlight on Instagram you will see just how huge it is (my 2 year old’d legs were ‘tired’ on our walk and he was able to get in and napped on the way home!!!)

Once you decide on a chassis then I believe it comes down to babies needs, practicality and design. The Fjordi for baby is so luxurious, it’s much more spacious in both the carrycot and the pushchair attachments and as mentioned previously uses high end fabrics and quality padding. With most travel systems the foot muff is not included and although on a cold day you would still need an additional blanket with the Fjordi the craftsmanship and design on these models already prevent baby from being effected by the elements no matter what the weather.

The carrycot boasts a higher ‘wall’ than most in my opinion which is not only added safety but also protects from the elements. The mattress is super soft, breathable, has antibacterial technology and maintains it’s temperature and did I mention it has a built in rocker too!……see the Noordi website HERE or the Samuel Johnston website HERE for the full breakdown of features.

The build of every component feels so safe and secure. The colour code locking turning from red to green on all attachments really helps yet does not distract from the overall look of the travel system which I love.

Car Seat and Isofix

The Noordi car seat is one of the lightest on the market – 3kgs (really important if its light and safe because these kids grow like mushrooms and it won’t be long until your arm is broken lugging them about!)

It is Group 0+ so suitable from birth with many safety features inc advanced side protection technology. It can be buckled into a car but for me the best thing is an isofix base for your car seat. It is so so handy. What I love about the Noordi design which I have tried to show in my video is that there is a very definite click when you have secured the seat and also for peace of mind the buttons turn from red to green so you know when everything is secure.

The chair has memory foam inner and comes with the hood and ‘apron’. The car seat can be used on other travel systems too with separate adaptors.

I have not used the seat belt to buckle in the car seat but love the isofix base, it is so easy to use and not a faff like some can be. There is a very straightforward red/green light method and it’s usually a first time click in job which is amazing especially when it is raining.

The only negatives regarding the car seat for me is that there is not enough of a support around the newborn insert, I think this is pretty common with most car seats though as with my last I bought a little insert too. I only used it a few weeks and have stopped using it now Ryan is 10 weeks and can hold his head much better but at the start they are just so floppy I hate when their wee head creaks.

The only other thing would be that initially the handle was a bit stiff to get the bar down and that the click is pretty loud which can be annoying when you have a sleeping baby but as you can tell I am really clutching at straws to find a negative.

The most important thing for me is the safety and it has reached all of the required certificates and for doing so is a great price with a nice design. Slick and in no way bulky!


OK so for me the pushchair is a huge part of any travel system, this is the part you will use the most aside from the car seat. Unfortunately as beautiful as the carrycot/bassinet is they grow out of them so quickly! The pushchair attachment for the Noordi is just as safe and luxurious as the bassinet. It has a 5 way safety harness and a stylish eco-leather bumper bar.

The padding on the seat is really comfy for your little one, I find some can be so uncomfortable for the wee ones. Can you imagine sitting on a deck chair and bouncing along a country walk with rough terrain?! With the Noordi the child has been considered so much, not only is there suspension and shock absorbing technology the seat pads and surround totally cocoon your little one for a really comfy ride. The seat folds into the lie flat position so is suitable from newborn but I tested this feature with Rory my nephew who is one. He isn’t usually one for sleeping in the buggy but was out like a light in the Noordi. I have tried to show as many features as possible in my video. One I didn’t include was the fact the buggy folds while the pushchair attachment is attached to the chassis, which makes for much quicker folding. There is a really good video on the Noordi and Samuel Johnston website which shows all of the features really well.

Unlike other pushchairs the footrest for this pushchair/buggy is moulded plastic (it folds up and down completely). I love that it is not fabric as on my previous pram this was the part that got the dirtiest. Especially for the toddler stage when they are in and out walking about (getting dirty) and wanting into the buggy again within a minute. So it is much more hard wearing that a fabric footrest.


So the bag I LOVE!!! With Sam I previously carried around the kitchen sink, granted I don’t need the array of snacks as yet that I used to bring everywhere with Sam but I have learnt to pack much lighter. Mind you adding a small change of clothes in a bag in the basket of the Noordi takes up very little rooms anyway!

The bag I feel is just that bit more stylish that the baby rucksack I had before. I love that it clips on so effortless and everything is so at hand without digging out my bag underneath or fussing with hooks and clips that keep slipping etc. There is a decent amount of room in the nappy bag, my only negative would be perhaps to have another inner compartment, maybe a zip one just so its easier to find some smaller items.

I haven’t used the net or raincover. The cupholder I have used and is really handy, I just tend to keep it in the basket when I am not using it.

The other welcome discovery is that the Noordi takes my universal buggy board. Now I know it says universal but there is always a ‘will it won’t it’ and I was DELIGHTED when it fit. Granted the pram is a little harder to push with the weight of Sam but it has been so handy and got me out of the house solo in shopping centres and allowed me to keep my cool and avoid many a tantrum!


This sounds like an assignment when I say conclusion but I just wanted to wrap this up. My honest opinion is that yes the Noordi Fjordi is slightly higher end in price but it has every reason to be when you compare the quality and design. It is hard to see online but in a showroom comparing like for like it is easily defined. Obviously design comes down to personal preference too. I was really unsure about the leather before seeing the display model.

Yes there are lots of brands out there and great bundle deals to be had too there is no question but I do think if your lifestyle, child’s safety needs and design preference ticks these boxes do not rule out Noordi. Like I said Noordi was not a brand I had heard of before but again there is something I really like about that and not following the flock and having another generic brand.

The Noordi Fjordi 2in1 Package Includes:

Fjordi Chassis

  • Spacious Thermo carrycot with hood & apron.
  • Pushchair seat unit with hood & footmuff-apron.
  • Antibacterial safety mattress with removable washable cover.
  • Fashionable Changing Pram Bag-backpack.
  • Insect net.
  • Raincover.
  • Cup holder. Fjordi Chassis

The Leather collection comes in 3 colourways; Cloud, Graphite and Shadow Grey and the fabric collection comes in 5 colours; Chocolate, Drak Grey, grey, Black and Jeans Blue.

You can buy in addition to this the compatible Noordi Car Seat in the 3in1 package and purchase the matching isofix.

There is FREE UK/IRL Shipping on orders over £50/€60.

Browse the Noordi collection HERE

I hope this has helped anyone considering buying a Noordi pram. Happy to answer your questions if you have any although there are lots of videos and info on both the Noordi (to find your local stockist) and Samuel Johnston websites.

Tara x




  1. Erica Kim
    February 3, 2020 / 7:52 pm

    Hello, Love your detailed review of the Noordi Fjordi Leather Travel System! I saw your instagram post and YouTube video also and decided to buy one for my first baby :). I’m due in April and on the look out for a functional/durable yet stylish travel system. And this seems the best.
    I have two questions (I’ve tried to look it up from the Noordi website, manual, samueljohnston website but couldn’t find the answers);
    1) Is the Iso base for the car seat compatible with any car? My car is the Acura MDX SUV 2015 and was wondering if would fit in my car and also it seems like on the Noordi video it doesn’t require the seat belt? or can I use the seat belt as well?
    2) I live in the United States and it looks like the only way I could purchase this is from the online website Samuel you’ve mentioned here on the blog. I’ve tried to the SISTERSANDSONS discount coupon mentioned here but it doesn’t seem to work for some reason? maybe the coupon is only for UK?
    Thank you again for the detailed review and lovely blog.

    Erica from Florida, USA

    • sistersandsons1
      February 13, 2020 / 4:03 pm

      Erica, Apologies I am only replying now. Congratulations, so exciting for you! Getting the travel system makes it all so real. I am on baby no 2 and still learning/winging it. I only discovered at the weekend that there is a back rest in the bassinet by the way so baby can sit more upright and you get to use that part of it for longer. Re your questions, yes the base can go in any car with isofix or if they dont have isofix then you can seatbelt it in which is fab (my old one didnt have this) and if you were to go in a friends or relatives car bringing the base is handier to pop itiin and out if your away for the wknd or something. I spoke to Samuel Johnston and they confirmed it was a UK only offer I am afraid. Callum did let me know you ordered though when i enquired for you and he said they wavered £80 of your postage though which is fab. I really hope you love it as much as I do and all the best for April x

      • Erica Kim
        October 8, 2020 / 8:38 pm

        Sorry for the late reply and thank you for mentioning me and for the discount. I gave birth to a baby girl and she is heathy and just turned 6 months! Time flies so fast lol! I’ve got the same color and design as yours and it is a life saver! The isofix did fit in my car without any problems. I am using the car seat and the bassinet everyday and cannot imagine life without it. My baby loves her ride and we get so many compliments wherever we go. We’re still using the bassinet and looking forward to use the push chair in the future. Thank you for the reply and for the extensive review. Living in another country and not knowing anything about the brand, your review helped me make the decision which I’m glad I did. I definitely recommend this travel system. Be safe and all the best for you and your family!
        Best, Erica

  2. Adam
    April 16, 2020 / 6:34 pm

    Hi, what a thorough and detailed review. Thank you for that. I am Belfast based too and saw this pushchair in a shop sometime before the lockdown. It is on my shortlist maybe alongside the bumbleride era. One question I can’t seem to find an answer to though: would you mind telling me what size the wheels are please? I have a dog and would be pushing the pram off piste quite regularly. Thank you so much if you do see this and can reply! Adam

    • sistersandsons1
      May 12, 2020 / 1:02 pm

      Think I managed to direct message you with the dimensions. Its great for the country roads, pretty robust!!! Tara 🙂

  3. Emma
    June 15, 2020 / 3:18 pm

    This is a fantastic review. I wish it had been here when I was choosing a travel system in August 2019. The only Noordi Fjordi reviews I could find were a couple of websites and YouTube videos which seemed to be in Russian. I loved the Noordi Fjordi as soon as I saw it and it looked perfect for my winter due baby. I got the dark grey fabric travel system from Samuel Johnston. The customer service was excellent. I would also recommend them. Our daughter is now almost 7 and a half months and we are still using the carrycot. She is a slim wee thing and the pushchair is too big for her. The shoulder straps cover her whole body and we can’t get the straps tight enough to keep her secure. Did you find you were able to put your son in the pushchair as soon as he outgrew the carrycot? Our daughter is almost the full length of the carrycot now so we might have to buy a small stroller until she fits the pushchair. At least once she fits in it, should last her a few years. I’m still very happy with my purchase and would recommend this travel system 🙂

    • sistersandsons1
      August 13, 2020 / 12:44 pm

      Hi Emma, They are generous straps yet but i prefered that for winter coats as some buggies can be too tight. Ryan is long and buckles in fine, its not overly tight but i don’t have him buckled in as tight as I would buckle him in the car seat for example so hadnt really been worried. He pulls himself up by the bar and tries to sit up more. It is so luxurious for them. Def recommend!

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