Rory’s Breastfeeding Journey

If I’m honest I’m writing this post a bit sooner than I had hoped or expected. I had a really positive breastfeeding journey with Zac and weaned him after 6 months, which was more down to us going to NYC and leaving him at granny’s than it ending naturally.

With Rory after 3.5 months our breastfeeding journey has come to an end. We are both ready for it and for that reason I am not upset or disappointed but grateful for getting this far.

I had always presumed that breastfeeding would just happen as well as it had with Zac and that may have been the case if I hadn’t got an infection which knocked me for six when Rory was a week old. I basically wasn’t strong enough to hold him never mind feed him and I needed to get better in order to look after him again so he was combi fed from three weeks old. I continued to pump my way through just to keep my supply up until I was finished my course of antibiotics.

From birth Rory latched on well and my milk came in quite quickly, your nips are definitely toughened to the feeding second time round! After the infection I loved feeding him again and got that cocoon feeling that I remembered. However Rory never got the ‘milk drunk’ look after breastfeeding…(a memory I will always cherish feeding Zac) when they pull away and they are so full and fall asleep in your arms! In fact I don’t remember Rory ever falling asleep at the boob, he didn’t get the same comfort from breastfeeding that Zac did. Equally he didn’t ever turn it down but he certainly didn’t live for it like his older brother!

I breastfed Zac on demand so that was all I knew, I wasn’t used to ‘feeding by the clock’ but Rory never seemed settled enough with just the breast milk and I ended up feeding bottle by the clock with breastfeeding on demand in between and we were all getting confused as to what was going on so I decided to stop.

For Rory it was the right decision, he is more settled and I know what he needs at certain times of the day as opposed to always offering the boob. I however (not the most organised person in the world) am still getting used to leaving the house with sterilised bottles and milk without boobs for back up!! It really just shows every child is different and in my opinion, Fed is best.

So if you are reading this and are wondering how I stopped (it’s quite daunting making the decision to actually stop) I told everyone I was stopping for a few weeks before I actually did anything about it! I basically got his breast feeds down to one in the night decreasing gradually, then I dropped this feed over the course of a week. Now some mornings I woke in agony giving Pammy a run for her money and I just had to latch him on to drain them for me but as the week went on it got easier and they gradually deflated! Hot showers definitely help ease the pain! I found I leaked quite a bit too but it is eventually drying up. As for Rory he doesn’t seem one bit bothered and doesn’t nuzzle in looking for the boob anymore!

Right! I better go and get the bottles cleaned and sterilised for the next feed!

Kerry x


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