Sleepyhead Review

I always regretted not buying the Sleepyhead with Zac, I just know he would have settled in it as he loved to feel close, cosy and comforted and as a result he was a terrible sleeper unless I was holding him. When I found out I was pregnant with baby no.2 The Sleepyhead was at the top of my must have list.

From the moment we got home from hospital Rory was placed into the Sleepyhead and it very quickly became his little haven for nap time. I also put it into the bedside crib for his night time sleep, it really gave him the feeling of security and comfort. Placing a newborn into the crib without it seemed like he was lost in such a big space!

The Sleepyhead is so handy as it’s portable, it moves from our sofa to the bedside crib on a daily basis and I even take it to my parents house if we are there for tea or to stay over as it gives Rory somewhere comfortable and safe to sleep.

Sleepyhead’s philosophy is that parents shouldn’t have to compromise between style and function, there are some fabulous covers to choose from to style it up for your nursery, I chose the green fern design, I absolutely love it! It’s great having the two so you are never short while one is in the wash!

When I mentioned the Sleepyhead recently on social media I had some messages of concern and I read various articles that initially caused doubt in my mind about its safety. However the Sleepyhead is currently being used in six NHS hospitals including Alderhay Children’s Hospital which is the busiest children’s hospital in the UK. Here is a quote from The Whittington Hospital:

‘We care for some very unwell babies and the sleepyheads provide much needed comfort, some of them will only sleep and settle in their sleepyheads. The parents have been wowed by their comforting powers. The fact that they are machine washable, and harmful substance free is amazing. When the sleepyhead pod is sitting in our rather large uncomforting hospital cot the baby is cosy and supported highlighting some of the benefits of the sleepyhead. The babies simply love them!’

Sleepyhead has also been tested for air permeability and mattress fitness which is very reassuring.

Reading this reassured me and I honestly wouldn’t be without it, I know Rory would agree! He will be 3 months old this week and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by! Having him content and comfortable along with better sleep has made all the difference second time round!

Kerry x

(The Sleepyhead & cover were gifted to me for the purpose of this review, however the thoughts and opinions are all my own)


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