Meet Max! Part of the New myHummy family and the secret to getting your baby to sleep!

We have been avid fans of myHummy and are forever thankful for them giving us precious Z’s with both Zac & Sam….in fact the boys still go to sleep with their myHummy bears as we are too scared to rock the boat with their full nights sleep!

When we heard about myHummy’s new collection we couldn’t wait to see the new bears and hear about the new features, surely they couldn’t better the original?! Wrong!! Wait until you hear what the new bears can do!! …Read on!!

Rory kindly got gifted Max, a charming charcoal grey bear with the softest fur and striking turquoise bottoms with matching neck scarf. Within the beautiful packaging ( he would make the perfect gift!) also came Max’s myHummy heart along with a new portable pouch. This clever design feature means we can take myHummy with us everywhere. The heart slips into the pouch which has a teething ring/car seat clip. I have it clipped to Rory’s car seat and it really helps sooth him on car journeys and when we are out and about!

Another new feature includes the Bluetooth link to your phone where you can control the noise/volume/turn it on/off remotely through the myHummy app! Genius!! And of course it still has the original sleep sensor with the fade in/fade out programme and 12 hour non-stop mode!

Rory instantly soothes to the myHummy sounds and if he stirs during the night before he is due a feed, myHummy kicks in automatically and sends him back over before I’ve even had a chance to waken. I really don’t know how I would manage without it.

Max the myHummy bear retails at £84.99 (a small price to pay for sleep!) Why not give the gift of sleep? We have recommended myHummy bears to so many mums over the past year and it has been lovely to receive success stories from mums who couldn’t be more grateful to have their little ones sleeping. After all everyone is better after a good nights sleep!!

We were kindly gifted Max the myHummy bear to launch this fantastic new collection but the honest review and opinions are all my own.

Kerry x


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