Kerry’s Birth Story…Baby Rory

When I had Zac, I ended up having an emergency c-section (see his birth story here) I had a really positive experience and recovered well. When I found out I was pregnant again, I knew I wanted to opt for another section straight away. I felt like I knew what to expect and the idea of knowing the date and it being planned with no 11 days over due made it all the more appealing!

10.9.18: The night before…

I wanted to add this wee paragraph into this birth story as the night before I found myself googling ‘tips for the night before a planned section’…I had no idea what I was hoping or expecting to find but I think I just felt I should be doing something, I suppose it was the idea of knowing that tomorrow was the day we would welcome our new little family member and that I should be doing something in preparation! I finished packing all the bags, including a bag for Zac with a change of clothes to visit us at the hospital the next day, made sure the house was clean/tidy and the fridge well stocked with M&S ready meals for hubby while I was away. I got showered and into fresh pjs and cosied in for the night making sure to eat my quota in snacks right up until 10pm when my fasting began! Initially I found it hard to switch off and couldn’t believe tomorrow was the day but I slept ok, not great but ok! (Probably classified as a great nights sleep with a newborn!)

11.9.18: Turns out Planned C-Sections can never really be planned either!

So the alarms were set for 6am, we got up and got ready with Zac wakening just before 7am, we got his slippers & dressing gown on and we all piled into the car to drop Zac off at his Nana’s…needless to say he had no idea what was going on and was just delighted to be spending the day with Paddington (nana’s horse)

Oran & I arrived at the hospital at 7:45am…in good time for our 8am appointment. When we arrived and walked into the hospital we both looked at each other and started nervous laughing…this was it! As soon as we met the midwife deep down I knew this wasn’t going to happen today. She explained that they were very busy and had two emergency c-sections that morning, so she warned us to either be prepared for a long wait or the possibility of coming back tomorrow. She went through my notes and listened in on baby who was perfectly happy in there and I was feeling grand therefore classed as low risk and at the bottom of the queue…which to be honest I was more than happy with, as long as baby was ok I was fine, I reckon I got my queue jump last time with Zac!! We waited for about an hour (tummy rumbling!) and the consultant came round to tell us that they were moving us to tomorrow, although a bit disappointed I felt thankful that everything was ok and secretly I much preferred the 12.9.18 for baby’s DOB! Also a good opportunity for Fletch to finally get this fireplace shelf up!!


So after another night/morning of fasting and dropping Zac off to his Nana’s it felt like dejavu but at least we had an idea of what to expect. We arrived at the hospital in good time again and this time we were shown straight to the recovery ward where there was a bed waiting for me. The midwife explained she wasn’t sure of a time for the section as yet, the doctors had to have their huddle meeting and we would hopefully hear soon. I told Oran he may aswell go and get some food while we waited (I was starving, so I knew he would be too…and let’s face it, a fed hubby is one less thing to worry about!). Of course no sooner had Oran left, the aneathitist sat down beside me to go through his checklist/questionnaire and told me I was first in the queue that morning..a quick text to Oran to update him and suggest he adds an inch to his step! Before I knew it the midwife was telling me to strip off and get my gown on, theatre was waiting for me! I didn’t even have time to tell Oran I was away, but the midwife reassured me it would take about 20mins to do the spinal block so he should be back by then!

I couldn’t believe this was it, it was was so surreal, maybe because everyone was so calm, organised and I knew I was going to meet our little bundle within minutes! The whole team of midwives/consultants/anethesatists were amazing, they really put me at ease and I felt in the safest of hands, I am still in total awe of everyone who works for the NHS, they really don’t get the credit they deserve. So the first stage was the spinal block, I had an injection to numb the area where the spinal would be put in (lower back) and after that short scratch I felt nothing! Once the spinal was in I lay back on the operating table and I can only explain the feeling as relaxing…all the weight and discomfort of carrying the baby just lifts off you and you feel like your limbs are big and heavy but at the same time you can’t feel them, my best advice for this stage is to just go with it, don’t fight it or you could easily freak yourself out, it is a strange feeling, but in my opinion a good one!! Once I was prepped and ready to go, Oran arrived just in the nick of time…it turned out he was locked outside as the buzzer wasn’t working on the door to get back in to delivery ward! I couldn’t believe we were there and we were about to meet our baby, it was the best/most surreal experience! The anethesatist was fantastic and talked me through what was happening on the other side of the blue sheet, he said that they were at the sac and about to break my waters, at this stage I was totally unaware that I had even been cut open, I couldn’t believe it. Then there was pressure/tugging/pulling feeling but absolutely no pain, just a strange feeling and the next thing we heard the cry!!! They dropped the sheet down so we could see if it was a girl or a boy…A BOY born at 9:57am!! Oran and I looked at each other and in unison said how like Zac he looked! We also commented on the size of him, he seemed so big and I had felt much neater in this pregnancy, he weighed 8lb 7oz in comparison to Zac at 7lb 15oz. When he arrived he didn’t stop crying until they placed him up on my chest skin to skin (something I had requested) it was the best feeling that he was here safe and well. The rest of the surgery involved them putting me back together (this was the longest part) but I was totally unaware of what they were doing as I held our beautiful little bundle!

After surgery we were wheeled back out to the recovery bay, I still held him skin to skin and instantly tried latching him on, he was so good and the natural instinct from both of us took over, it’s amazing how they just know! After taking a bit of time soaking him up and discussing/settling on his name we made the phone calls to family & friends to announce the safe arrival of Rory Charlie Fletcher.

It’s a mans world!!

A few hours later and after some of the best tea & toast I was brought down to the ward, again the staff who looked after me over the next two nights were amazing!

Oran brought Zac up to meet his little brother and it was honestly the most heart warming experience, it’s like he just knew and he was so proud!

After two nights in the hospital we were discharged and we brought our new little family member home to the cottage. My recovery took a bit of a dip with an infection but I’ll save that for another blogpost!

Kerry x


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