My New Obsession: Keylite Solar Powered Blinds

All of  our roof windows in our self build are Keylite. The great thing about these is you can buy blinds so easily for them simply by referencing the number on the inside of the window frame. We already have a blackout blind in our spare room from Keylite Blinds

However for the bathroom we wanted something that was durable in a room with a lot of steam (and splashing from Sam let’s face it!). I actually struggle to reach to open the window never mind pull the blind up and down so their NEW solar powered range was a perfect fit.

The Solar  Powered blind range comes in both dim out and black out blinds with 15 colourways/designs inthe dim out and 40 colourways/fabrics/designs in the blackout.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to fit. I was able to do this myself (with a little help from their video instructions). It took all of 15/20 minutes for me to fit.

All I needed was a screwdriver and I was set. There is no wiring required. The remote even came with a battery, so no afterthoughts (I am always the one buying Sam a toy with no battery!).

I was proud as punch to get it up and was delighted at how seamless the fit was. It’s not an awkward reach for my husband by any stretch but for me it is so handy. These would be perfect for those really hard to reach roof windows in the likes of a vaulted ceiling in a living room where the sun glares on the TV or is in your eye, this really is the problem solved!

I think it looks like part of the window and love the streamline finish. I obviously choose the grey in keeping with the bathroom, its a very subtle grey but the variety available is fantastic.

The solar panel is on the back of the blind cassette itself and so charges the blind. The remote even comes with a little dock so you can put it up and not have the excuse of loosing it. I have it up out of Sam’s reach as you can see from my first pic he is obsessed with it.

The actual motor in the mechanism I must say is very quiet too, it is something Kerry’s husband who works in solar power commented on when he first saw it as some solar powered things can be noisy but this really isn’t.

If you have a Keylite roof window and it is difficult to access, I couldn’t recommend these enough. Kerry is due to start her new build in the coming months and already has Keylite roof windows in the plan. Of course she is choosing fabrics and colourways for her solar blinds already (think she is getting a bit ahead of herself!) but can’t blame her, I love my new toy!

Keylite blinds have given us a discount code.

Use SISTERS10 at the checkout for 10% Off.

For transparency, this is a paid collaboration with Keylite blinds.Tara x


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