Girls Day at Galgorm

We were kindly invited to try out The Galgorm’s new Spring package range. It was the perfect excuse for us to have a much needed self care day to switch off from juggling the boys, childcare logistics, running a house and working full time.

It was also a great reason to spend some quality time with our mum and sister Leigh (@life.of.leigh).

The Galgorm is such a treat to visit, we have both stayed before, been here for weddings and even our school formals were here. We had visited their new thermal village previously but had never experienced the Dome Elements Cafe or the new Serenity Gardens where there are private pods and hot tubs!

We started our day with a cuppa and a scone in the Elements Cafe (raspberry and white chocolate highly recommended).

We then headed to the orangery were it was heaven to just sit back (and swing). Curled up in our robes, with the tranquil music a magazine and of course a wee Instagram scroll. We could have nodded off rightly.

With Kerry expecting she was limited to what she could access in the way of sauna, steam rooms and jacuzzi’s but she was just happy to have her feet up. Zoe who welcomed us at reception advised what she could and couldn’t use. She was able to enjoy a swim and use the outdoor hydrotherapy pool as one pod within this had no jets. So it was more like a warm bath but outside.

We had a wee dander about the village, the views are stunning and the sound of the natural river flowing alongside the thermal village makes it even more tranquil. It was a dry but cool day, but I think there is something lovely about sitting in a hot tub when it’s cold outside. I have previously been here at night (they have twilight packages available from only £59pp which includes access to the thermal village and a 2 course meal) and it was raining slightly and it was lovely. It really is enjoyable no matter the weather.

We headed back to the Elements Dome for a light lunch and a wee cocktail/mocktail. It was so relaxing being able to eat and drink in your spa robe and not have to worry, just like home eh Leigh?!

The food was delicious, we had the sweet potato and red pepper soup. Mum had the pork and leek sausage roll and Thai salad and Leigh went for the quiche. We all had a gin cocktail and Kerry had an elderflower mocktail which was so refreshing!

After lunch we made our way to the Serenity Gardens where we had a private pod and hot tub area, it was amazing! In the pod there were two wooden heated lounge seats and we were pleasantly surprised to find two bottles of fizz and canapés, we popped the cork and enjoyed sipping on some bubbles in a tub of bubbles!

The Serenity Bathing experience lasts two hours the package alone also includes thermal village access (as an introductory offer), more info HERE. Mum really enjoyed it as the privacy meant if you were a bit self conscious in your bathing costume in front of others in the main thermal village hot tubs you didn’t worry in your private area (plus the fizz helped!).

We were offered an essential oil for the tub and Leigh chose the Revive oil and it smelt heavenly. We had the use of this area for 2 hours so we left mum and Leigh as we headed off for our treatments.

Kerry – Bio Effect Ultimate Facial

This was one of the best spa treatments I’ve ever received, I was so relaxed dipping in and out of reality! My skin looks and feels rejuvenated and it feels like layers of dead, dull skin were removed, Leigh commented how clear and glowing my skin was after.

The treatment was 90 minutes long and included a volcanic exfoliation and eye ritual with a cooling mask, scalp, arm and hand massage.

Tara – Quartz Gold Massage

I can honestly say I have never had a massage like it, it was the whole experience that went with it though. Anytime we go away I always go for a back massage or hot stone massage. In fact when I was at Galgorm back in January with Chris I had the back, neck and shoulder treatment. It was lovely but nothing compare to this.

I always find you are only starting to relax and it is over but with this treatment you are led into relaxation by your therapist. Oonagh took me for my treatment and explained it. In my terms you lay on a quartz bed (like sand) you lay on a sheet above this face down. There are scents held under your nose and you do a breathing technique to help you relax.

Then Oonagh basically submerged me in the sand, bring it up and around my body moulding it to my shape (almost like a memory foam mattress I was sunk into my unique shape). The quartz is heated so its a really popular treatment if you have muscle pain. She then placed bowls on my back and the gong hitting the bowl sent the vibrations through my body. I was in the zone before she had even put a hand on me to begin the massage.

It wasn’t just an ordinary full body massage either, she used hot quartz poultice (like wee bags of the sand) as well as her hands. The bed itself also raises and tilts so during the massage I was tilted as different angles. This really confuses your body but strangely helped me to relax and once it was over I felt like was floating a bit before my body became grounded.

I thoroughly enjoyed this treatment it was 90 minutes long and it actually felt longer were usually I feel like they are over so quickly. If you find it hard to relax or have muscle aches this is really worth it. I would defiantly spend the extra if you normally get a back massage like I do.

After our treatments we enjoyed our mango sorbet in the relaxation room and then went to the main indoor pool area to meet up with mum and Leigh, they had just returned from their Serenity Garden pod and we could tell the champers in the hot tub in the rain had gone down a treat!


Celtic Sauna

Leigh and I (Tara) did the Celtic Sauna. It was all about mindfulness and breathing techniques. I really enjoyed it as I found it similar to hypnobirthing. Leigh had done something similar in yoga class previously too.

The Sauna Master helped us work on breathing techniques as we lay in the sauna, he also infused the water he poured on the hot coals with Sage, Eucalyptus and Lavender. We had to lay there for each scent and work on our breathing, as it got hotter. We took a break after the second scent and you then rub ice on your body. We were all giggles at this but it was actually so refreshing. The third scent really relaxes you and we could not believed how long we lasted in the sauna due to focusing on our breathing.

We then went to the river room were we were talked through more relaxation techniques while lieing down. We were ready to conk out it was really relaxing. If your into mindfulness, relaxation techniques or are interested in hypnobirthing (can’t do it if pregnant obviously) this is perfect for you!

To finish off our girly day we then headed to the showers and got ready for dinner at Fratelli’s. The whole of The Galgorm feels like a small village and it was lovely to get showered and changed and then walk to the restaurant! The atmosphere and food was lovely, it was the perfect end to our day of luxury!

You can check out all of the Galgorm Spa packages HERE. There are some great spring deals for a day with the girls even some overnight ones! Any excuse!

Thanks so much again to the Galgorm again for having us,

Kerry, Tara, Leigh and Sheenagh


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