Babies First Christmas Gift Ideas

A few ideas for a little treat for your little one’s first Christmas. Perfect also for an Aunty/Uncle, Grandparent or friend to buy for your little one as a wee token to mark their first Christmas.

These are just a few of my favourite things I saw when browsing for Sam’s first Christmas! Im not planning on going overboard with gifts as he is too young to understand but I like the idea of a bit of memorabilia for his 1st Christmas. They are only young enough to enjoy the magic of it all for so long and I plan on making the most of it!

  1. A Christmas outfit. There are quite a few tacky options out there but I thinks this selection is just fun enough but not verging on the tack. Plus they are a total bargain starting at £3! Girls and Boys stuff, just scroll through my top picks!

And who could resist a wee pair of Christmas eve PJ’s?!

2. A Decoration. I really love the idea of a ‘Babies First Christmas’ Decoration for them to put on the tree each year as you decorate. I plan to get a picture of Sam each year putting his decoration on the tree as a wee memory to see how much he changes. No doubt he will be pulling more off than he puts on but I like the idea, especially these personalised ones (scroll across). One of my fav’s is the £4 one or the personalised ones which start at £7! I have added a little something that will suit everyone’s taste and budget.

3. A stocking. I am not going overboard for Sam but I can’t deny him a stocking with some toys along with practical items like vests and clothes he is going to need. I have invested in a personalised one which we can use every year. (I recall mine was a glorified bin bag with a Santa on it and you wrote your own name on it and it was then used to put all the rubbish in – oh how times have changed!) These ones range from £7.95 – £28.

4.  Christmas Shoes. Sam is at that awkward in between crawling and walking stage, he could even be walking by Christmas. He is currently sofa surfing, holding on and standing up. So these wee leather shoes are great. So tempted by these wee festive designs.

5. A Christmas Book. I love the idea of having a Christmas storey read before bedtime as a bit of a tradition with the Christmas PJ’s on after leaving out treats for Santa. Sam loves books already (although he is currently obsessed with books which have the flaps so these are a bit grown up perhaps0). I think they are a lovely gift though to treasure each year. These personalised ones are perfect for someone that wee bit older too.

6. A Christmas Bib. Come on you can’t risk dirtying that lovely Christmas day outfit and all of the inevitable photos!

7. A Christmas Eve Plate. There are some gorgeous ones out there. I am shopping around but this one for £6 is a total bargain. Off to a Christmas craft fair at the weekend so might keep my eyes peeled there first!

I think these wee bits will make make the holidays that wee bit more magical and hopefully start a few wee traditions as a family. Are there any traditions you do that I have missed? Or something to make Sam’s first Christmas that wee bit more special?
Of course I am not forgetting a Santa visit. We have booked to visit him (mainly for the photo as Sam is a bit young). We will be sure to share it on the blog.
Tara x



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