Jané Formula Kid Baby Walker Review

Sam kindly got gifted this Formula Kid Baby Walker by Jane for being in some of their promotional videos. I love that he earned his first set of wheels and what an impressive set at that!


Not only is it very cool (coming in two colours red and silver) but he loves it and it gives me 15/20 mins to get dinner on without him crawling about at my feet. He is obsessed with tractors, cars and anything with wheels or a steering wheel so it is a great distraction when I need to get stuff done. It’s so funny as he holds the steering wheel and gear stick as he scoots about, the sound effects and flashing lights are brilliant too!



It also helps his development with walking and standing. He has loved being able to explore his surroundings using it. With the ability to lower and heighten the settings he can grow with it too. There is much more support in this walker compared to others I have seen (and used, Sam was using one Kerry had bought on gumtree for Zac but it didn’t manoeuvre well, made a racket on the tiles and didn’t have any of the safety features this one has) the Seat is much more padded and comes further up his back for better support.



Another feature I love is the rubber bumper as this saves any scuffs to the woodwork or kitchen when he bangs into things. In saying that he has really got the hang of the steering it now. The wheels are 360 which makes this much easier and glides in comparison to the one he was using before. The wheels are also silicone coated to save your flooring and makes it less noisy as Sam skids about.



Sam does struggle to get it going on the carpet so I wouldn’t recommend unless you had tiles or a wooden floor. Another feature from a safety point of view is the chassis grip stopper (non slip mechanism). This would be useful if your home was on two levels and you had steps in the room. This stopper does just that and avoids the walker tipping over.




  • This patented, innovative, sporty baby walker has many features that will create a world of fun and excitement for your little one.
  • Designed to create a safe environment that will excite and encourage their first steps.
  • 3 height position seat to suit the child’s growth.
  • Flexible protector around the lower base which protects your furniture by stopping it from hitting and scraping against doors and walls.
  • Removable washable upholstery.
  • Built-in safety device to stop the walker when faced with stairs/steps.
  • Activity tray complete with lights and real racing car sounds.
  • Exclusive Silicone quiet wheels.
  • Suitable for baby’s from 6 months up to 12kg approx.until baby is walking unaided.
  • Folded : 67 x 72 x 42cm.
  • Silent wheels, suitable for Parquet floors.


Jane also generously gave us one to giveaway to a lucky follower so be sure to enter our competition on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Starting Sun 5th of Nov with the winner being announced on Monday 6th!

If you are not the lucky winner and are thinking of this as a Christmas gift HERE is the link to their website. There is FREE UK delivery on all orders over £50!

Tara x


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