Following on from our recent talk at Emma’s (@littlewoodlife) Country Blog Retreat we have felt all the positive vibes coming from such a supportive and inspiring community.  Without feeling the need to justify why we blog or take up our space (thank you @melwiggins) we want to share our positive experiences from doing so. Social media certainly has its negative press and opinions but it also has ALOT of positives…here are some of ours!

1. Opening our eyes

We now find ourselves appreciating what is around us..looking out for locations for pictures, noticing that stunning tree that we drive past everyday for the first time, on our recent holiday we were looking up little streets, noticing floor tiles and door knockers, all things that previously we would have unintentionally turned a blind eye to.

2. Our baby diary

We have compiled the most beautiful baby journal of our boys development from birth. Their milestones, their evolving personalities and their adventures. Yes it is in digital form, but it’s always at the end of our fingertips when we want to look back and see their squishy newborn pics along with a caption on how we were feeling in that moment.

3. Meeting & making new friends 

This is one that we did not anticipate from the outset, but the community that comes hand in hand with Instagram in particular has been motivational, inspiring and heart warming.

4. Taking Opportunities 

We have found ourselves going out of our way of the day to day messages to explore new places, go for a walk to somewhere we haven’t been before, checking out places other bloggers have recommended and meeting up with people we have only ever chatted to behind the screen.

5. Earning a bit of £ while doing something we enjoy 

Who wouldn’t want to get a bit of extra cash while doing something you love?! We use this opportunity to put some money away for the boys for when they are older (hopefully it will ease the pain of their baby pics being online!😂)

For us the positives out weigh any negatives and we are loving our little journey 9 months in!
Kerry & Tara x



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  1. October 8, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Definitely lots of positives and since the #countryblogretreatni I have loved connecting with so many more local bloggers x

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