‘Sleeping like a baby’ a phrase that is lost on me! 


Every parent obsesses over it and I for one live for more than 3 hours of unbroken sleep in a row!

Pre baby I was very much a sleeper, I wouldn’t even get up to go to the loo, in fact I could wake up in the exact same position. Pregnancy changed that, I was up peeing A LOT! This was most certainly Mother Nature preparing me for what was to come, but NOTHING can prepare you for the lack of sleep.


I am slightly bitter toward parents of good sleepers but I just keep thinking we will turn a corner eventually. Sam is a wee dream in the daytime hours it’s just the nighttime hours we need to work on and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

I still like anyone else with poor sleepers am willing to try every gadget, method, wives tale etc going for a few extra Z’s!

We have a routine and getting Sam down isn’t usually the issue it’s just keeping him asleep. He is 7 months and still gets 4oz in the night some nights! Most of the time it’s just a dummy run but on occasion it is his nappy. This is where the SnüzPouch comes in! I am now a dab hand at a nappy change by nightlight with minimal distribution 🙌🏼

The SnüzPouch, a first of its kind sleeping bag collection, promising a clever and stylish solution for every baby’s bedtime!  Created by Snüz, the innovative brand behind the award-winning SnüzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib and the new SnüzKot Collection, the ingenious SnüzPouch certainly won’t disappoint! Carefully designed with unique features to help make sleep easy, the collection of eight clever sleeping bag designs will suit all styles.

The SnüzPouch is available in size 0-6 months with the largest size available measuring 68cm in length. Sam is 7 months and there was still a decent amount of length in it so I would say they are a generous size.

A world first for the sleeping bag market, the SnüzPouch features a unique Nappy Change zip on the front – this additional front opening zip has been carefully designed to make nappy changes quicker and easier for parents during the night by providing easier access to baby’s bottom, whilst ensuring minimal disturbance for baby – making the SnüzPouch a true essential in the early days (for those long nights!)


We road tested the SnüzPouch with the 1 Tog as it was the end of summer and also we can bring it on holiday with us in the next week or two.

To be honest though for me this would have been best for us in the earlier months, as now I tend not to change Sam’s nappy during the night unless it’s dirty or particularly full. I actually put the 4 plus nappy on at night and a 4 during the day. This plus gives a bit of extra absorbency!

However with a newborn (0-3months) you are constantly changing their nappy and if you are trying to ensure they take all their milk during a night feed, sometimes a wee nappy change can revive them enough to finish their bottle. This allows that with a little less hassle!

How cool is the packaging too! It would definitely be something I would purchase for a newborn or as a practical gift.

Tara x


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