The Shark Vacuum, so good it made me feel unclean! 

I got my Shark Cordless on a Friday, who cleans on a Friday?! Well I have never been as motivated to clean in all my life! You know your getting old when your Friday Feeling is the result of a new vacuum.

I had been lusting after a Shark as I had heard so many great things. Sam is just starting to crawl, Zac is crawling and here quite a bit and we have two pet jack russells who cast A LOT so I wanted a vacuum. with a better lift and something that would be as hygienic as possible.

I had not considered the cordless option until I began to look at the range on offer and as I am always vacuuming around after Sam he tends to be in the room with me as I do it. So from a health and safety point of view it is so much safer incase he were to get hold of the cord.

I was amazed at the lift it had on the coarse dog hairs and was mortified at the amount of my postpartum hair of mine it also lifted. It made me feel that the house was unclean at how much my previous vacuum had been missing. (For those of you who don’t follow us Instagram stories you will not have seen how I used my Henry on a rug and followed up with the Shark and the dust/dirt/hair that was picked up AFTER the Henry was crazy – bare in mind I had emptied Henry before hand).

It is also much handier as it is always on charge I can just give the floor a quick whizz around (especially under the high chair!). I have only had it for a couple of weeks and already feel it is a new way of vacuuming and it no longer feels like a chore.

The flexology which allows you to vacuum under beds/tables and units without bending down means using minimal effort (brilliant for anyone that suffers from a bad back). It really is excellent and the pivot and ease of use makes it feel like the vacuum is guiding you along as you go. My husband even offered to vacuum! (Win Win!)

With the flexology it also stores away using half the space of a conventional upright vacuum It comes with charging dock, spare battery pack and a bag to store all of the attachments.
These are great for doing the stairs as you can simply detach the handheld part of the vacuum. This has also been great for cleaning out the car. Again a chore previously.

Even though I have only had the vacuum for two weeks my mum and mother in law have both borrowed it twice! They are now totally sold as not only is it good on tiles but it has made a night and day difference on the carpet, with those satisfying lines it leaves as you vacuum. They can’t even wait to put it on their Christmas list.

Another bonus is Sam loves to watch me vacuum and is fascinated by the lights! Let’s hope he is an intrigued when I am asking him to clean him room when he is older.

You can view the full cordless range HERE. They start at £349.99 for the cordless collection or you can view the rest of their range HERE and shop the sale from £39.99 HERE.

You can claim 15% Off discount using code: SISTERS15 on their website on orders over £195.

Please note we were kindly gifted this vacuum to review.

Tara x


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