The Jané Gravity I-Size Car Seat | Product Review 

When we purchased our first car seat Zac was known as ‘bump’ and was just that, cosied up in my tummy and the idea of needing the next stage car seat seemed so far off I didn’t even consider it, how wrong was I?! As everyone always warns you time flies and it really doesn’t seem like he was in his newborn car seat for that long! At the time I felt I did my research but I didn’t realise there was a car seat on the market that suited from newborn through to age 4! So you can thank me later new mums to be for the heads up!

The number one feature when looking for a new car seat is safety, this is ultimately what they are there for so I think it is crucial to get a model that has been rigorously tested. Jané are known for their safety standards, they go beyond the requirements of European safety testing on child car seats. They are also known for their innovation and the main design feature of this car seat had me sold straight away; the 360 degree rotating seat. This clever design feature has already saved my back, Zac (now 1) is only getting heavier and lifting him in and out of the car has now become much more manageable thanks to the swivel chair. I have the chair facing the door and once he is buckled in it’s so easy to spin him round to the rear face position. Once Zac reaches 15 months old, I intend to turn him to the forward facing position which is done the same way without having to reposition the base. (For the purpose of this review and the video, I put Zac in the forward facing position to show the two options)

Another handy design feature is the reclining function, with just one hand you can tilt the position back which is great when Zac is asleep or on a long car journey, he looks so comfortable in it and stops his head from tipping forward.


The car seat is Isofix only which is not only easier to install than a seatbelt model but ultimately safer. The seat is attached to the Isofix base and as a complete unit it is heavy, so you wouldn’t want to be moving it from car to car on a daily basis. I love the extra height it gives the seat though, Zac can really see out now and is much more content on our car journeys saying ‘Moooo’ whenever he see’s cows!
If you intend to use this seat from newborn one point to be aware of is that this seat isn’t compatible with a travel system (pram/buggy), i.e you can’t carry it with the baby in it and click onto your pram wheels, it is for the car only. So it may double up as a secondary car seat initially if you wanted to have that option.


As Zac grows the seat is easily adjusted using the headrest lasting him right through to 4 years! I think this is where it’s easy to warrant the price (£369.95) The seat comes with a newborn insert making it ready to use for the full 4 years. With our discount code (SISTERS10) you get 10% off which means it works out at just over £80 a year, well worth the exceptional safety testing and back saving design feature!! You can buy it HERE. Available in 3 colours.

Watch our video HERE.


For the purpose of this review we were gifted one of the Gravity Car seats and purchased the other one.


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