Back to Work 

I’ve been wanting to share my experience of returning to full time work after 9 months maternity leave for a while now, but I wanted to wait until I’d settled back in as it has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I finally feel like I’ve got our new routine down!

I get asked all the time ‘Well how are you finding it being back at work?’ and although my answer varies depending on the day my response 90% of the time is ‘Great!’

I really feel like I have got a little bit of ‘me’ back again and I think that has helped both me and Zac (and probably hubby too!) My job is both creative and sales based, I love chatting to customers and the adult conversation is good for the soul!

When I first returned back to work I struggled and wondered how I was going to manage. I felt like I was doing so much but doing nothing right; spending time with Zac was feeding him, bathing him, putting him to bed…but what about our quality time? Time to read his favourite books? Time to tickle him until he had hiccups from giggling? I felt like I was failing.

Cleaning the house became a quick dettol wipe around everything, as for clean clothes…the laundry basket mounted up until the weekend, infact that is still often the case!! Beans on toast became a dinner staple and in work I was forgetting things, my memory is definitely not what it was…baby brain is real and it doesn’t go away!
I quickly learnt that organisation is key. This is NOT my strong point, I’m much better at winging it and working under pressure but if I want to keep on top of things and be the best mummy I can I just need to write lists, pack Zacs bag the night before, think about what’s for tea the day before instead of on the drive home from work….this is all working progress by the way, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

Only now, 3 months on I’m feeling like I’m starting to get the hang of it. Yes it is a constant juggling act and yes I feel like I’ve done a days work before I even arrive at work but it’s becoming our new normal. I’m scared to even say this for fear of scudding but Zac has got the hang of sleeping through and that has helped immensely!

I have massive respect for all mums out there whether you are stay at home mums or working full or part time….it is not easy either way and what works for one doesn’t for another. I just know that for me personally I enjoy my work and it has brought back a bit of balance to my life. For anyone who is coming to the end of their maternity and has the fear and dread, I think that it is perfectly normal to feel like that, I know I did, but I would encourage you to persevere as it really does take a few months to settle into your new routine. Also nobody warns you so take this as a WARNING!!…Mum guilt will hit you like a bloody train!!!!!!!!

Kerry x


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