Hitting that Pre-Walking Milestone with Bobux and Donaghy’s of Banbridge 

Sam has just turned 5months and I know it is a bit cliche but it has seriously flown in.

I am usually a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl but I am now thinking “ohh gosh I’m over halfway through my maternity leave”

In the past 5 months it is amazing how much Sam has picked up and how he has become his own wee person.

He is almost sitting upright himself but in the determined wee character he is becoming that will not do for Sam, he wants to ‘walk before he can crawl’ or ‘run before he can walk’ (or whatever that saying is).

He is always wanting to stand up so having him in just socks he can’t really get a grip and in his bare feet I am a bit worried they will get too cold, especially out about as he starts to want to stand more.

We were invited to Donaghys a family run shoe shop in Banbridge local to us. They have a men’s and women’s range but their kids section is HUGE.

They carry some lovely brands of both shoes and clothes. We were there to hear all about their new brand called Bobux.

Bobux are a New Zealand born company, est in 1991 and the original soft leather sole shoe designer of pre-walkers/pram shoes.


Instead of pushing kids into hard soled shoes too early in their development Bobux Soft Sole Shoes are perfect for pre-walker children, both in terms of foot health and usability. It goes on easily, it stays on, and it lets the foot move, bend, splay, grip, strengthen and grow as nature intended.


The collection ranges from Newborn to pre-walkers usually to about 12months.

Perfect if your baby os not walking or crawling yet. Sitting and some crawling taking place as they are unrestricting yet provide them with protection, comfort and grip.

Through unrestricted movement the Bobux premium soft leather is breathable and allows the foot to flex and grip, refine and strengthen, setting the physical foundation for a foot to grow into adulthood.

Arlene the kids department manager was looking after us and the service was second to none. Measuring Sam’s feet and explaining how Sam’s feet were developing and how he will be curling his toes still. The soft sole will help him learn to put his toes flat but still allow him to naturally curl he toes as he is currently. It is not forceful like a hard sole.

It was a really friendly environment and I couldn’t get over the choice not only for this range of pre-walkers but for the kids section altogether. There is s small clip in the video from our visit HERE but that didn’t even capture the other half of the kids section which was on sale. You can also check out their kids sale online HERE if you are not local to Banbridge.

We were torn betweeen the cute red and denim teddy bear soft soles Sam wore in the video but I just had to get the wee boots for him to match his Dad. I think you will agree they are so cute. Also available in Navy and Pink.

Check out the full collection of Bobux Pre Walkers HERE. Here are a few of my favourites for the girls.

The Bobux Pram Shoe/Pre Walker comes in at £20 and the little boots at £22 and even come in a gift box so they are perfect as a gift instead of clothes!

To WIN a pair of your choice for your little one or as a gift check out our competition which launches on our Instagram @siters_and_sons and Facebook page on Monday and Beat those Monday Blues!
Tara x


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