Weaning It!!

When I was pregnant the thought of weaning didn’t cross my mind, I was thinking about breastfeeding, attending breastfeeding classes, considering different brands of formula, asking friends what formula brand they use etc.. Something I didn’t realise was that we would be at the weaning stage before I knew it (they really do grow up so fast!!)

I feel like weaning was the one topic I really didn’t research much, before Zac came along I had all the time in the world to look at feeding options but once he was born my google searches were obsessed around word: SLEEP!
The one thing I did read as I found it short and to the point was the leaflet from my health visitor which gave an idea of what your baby should be eating at each stage. There are so many options on weaning but I really feel like I made up my own approach..winging it!!
I started Zac on baby rice just before the recommended 6 month mark, someone suggested that it may help him sleep so that was a good enough reason for me to start a bit earlier! (It made absolutely no difference to sleep for anyone who is interested!)
About a week later we progressed to baby porridge which he preferred as its creamier and certainly looks much more appetising! I worried about how often I should be feeding it to him and was he getting enough? Is he getting too much? To be honest this is still my thought on feeding him five months down the line. It really is hard to know as every baby is different and what one baby likes another baby might not, some have a better appetite than others…a bit like us all! Some days he is in the notion for Ella’s Kitchen Spag Bol, other days he screws up his face and spits it out…does he even like it or is he just not hungry???? It is a constant guessing game, I tend to just take each day as it comes!

I found the food pouches such as Ella’s Kitchen so handy, as the hard work was done for you and I knew he was getting some goodness into him, but I feel like recently he isn’t as fussed on them and at £1.20-£1.80 a pouch I’m not willing to take the risk of twisting the cap off for him to spit it out at me! He now wants to eat things he can hold in his hand..toast being his ultimate favourite! But try telling a 10 month old that carb overload isn’t a staple diet!

Recently I tried to up my game, getting the Annabel Karmel book out to whip up some baby recipes and get some new ideas but I fell at the first hurdle when I spent longer on Zacs meal than I do on our own and after one mouthful he decided he didn’t want anymore…that was the end of that!!

I’ve now come to the conclusion that there is no point in stressing about what he eats and now he will eat what we eat (within reason). This has been working well and his appetite has improved. One of his favourite meals is my mums roast chicken dinner, she makes up little individual meals with left overs and freezes them for me. I defrost and heat them up and just mash it all together and he wolfs it down.

Another of Zac’s favourites is sweet potato and butternut squash, as you all are well aware this stuff is expensive and takes time to prepare but I’ve a great mum hack for you…go to the freezer isle!!!! I actually buy most of our veg frozen and better still it’s pre chopped! No waste and a massive time saver!! If it’s been a long day and I’ve nothing organised I’ll often boil up a few cubes of sweet potato and butternut squash (doesn’t take long because it’s pre chopped) and then mash it up, add a little milk and dinner is served!…for Zac! Hubby & I get beans on toast on these occasions!

I recently tried these frozen watermelon balls and he absolutely loves them for a wee snack, they are nice and cool on his gums too!  I’m also planning on swapping some ice cubes for them in a gin…will keep u posted how that turns out! #mumhack

The frozen veg is also great for preparing for going out and about, it can be done last minute and put into a thermal container like this one from Jane, it’s so handy and keeps it warm, also so much cheaper than the pouches!
I’ve found the weaning process one of the trickiest phases, not because Zac has been hard to wean but more because I always questioned was I doing it right. I now think that you just have to do what works for you, what fits into your lifestyle and make it easy on yourself, there is no point stressing over the stove for one tiny spoonful to be consumed! Obviously all within reason and I always make sure fruit and veg are part of his daily diet even if it is accompanied by some toast!

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  1. Jess
    October 9, 2017 / 3:18 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! I can’t believe how fast these last months were over. I also wasn’t thinking about weaning, but now we are already right in the middle of it. He’s still getting a combination of breast milk and formula from organicbaby.la/hipp-formula, but I’m trying to feed several small meals with fruits and vegetables. So far, everything worked out great and he liked most of it.

    • sistersandsons1
      October 10, 2017 / 9:42 am

      Weaning is a mine field but I think you just work out what works for you and baby fairly quickly. Just as long as your prepared for mess then it will all b fine x

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