The Jane 4-in-1 Mother Cushion

Kerry and I were gifted the 4-in-1 mother cushion by Jané. Obviously Kerry and I both have had the boys but we were surprised by how much the cushion was still relevant to us as it really grows with you and your baby from pregnancy onwards.

Watch our video of how it works HERE!


Bedding by Foxford Woollen Mills

Kerry and I both had bought pregnancy pillows (I think we bought them without much thought at 2am on ebay when we were up for the 100th time peeing and we were getting to that uncomfortable stage where no matter what way you try lying you just cannot get comfortable).

Mine cost me about £30.

I then went on to buy a feeding/breastfeeding support cushion prior to having Sam. Kerry had also bought one and had found it very useful and was still using hers so I picked one up in a black Friday sale down from £25 to £20.

I had now spent £55 on cushions and had not had Sam yet. Both were fine and did the job but being asked to road test this Jané cushion I think my money would have better spent on this one. It offered much more back support for me when feeding (at this stage I am bottle feeding but I think it would have be great for breastfeeding too).

It is not actually a cushion but more of a bean bag type filler and I found moulded better to my shape and the fabric is so soft on me and the baby.

It can then be used for Sam to sit up safely. Sam is only 17 weeks and so it is a softer type of support as he tries to sit up or he can lie reclined inside the C shape or with the cover on it, as a daybed with the safety belt. Again this moulds to the shape of the baby and looks so comfy for them.

I have actually transferred the whole cushion into his Babyside crib (read my review HERE) as Sam fell asleep in it so I moved the whole thing into our room so I could hoover and get a longer nap out of him! I think the cocoon shape is a real comfort to them.

This multi functioning cushion is available from the Jané website for £75 with FREE UK shipping on orders over £50. I would have thought £75 to be dear but as I spent £55 on two cushions previously I think for the extra £20 this one does so much more! Much more value for money than I initially thought.

Plus it comes in 2 designs! Of course I am a huge fan of the grey and white stars!
4 in 1 Multi-Functional Design:

  • 1 – Pregnancy support cushion. Can be used to provide pre-natal back, knee or tummy support whilst sleeping – the perfect pregnancy support.
  • 2 – Feeding pillow. Comfortable and supportive feeding pillow once baby has arrived.
  • 3 – Baby nest. Very versatile, just add the separate cover with harness to use as a baby nest, helping baby to rest.
  • 4 – Baby support cushion. As your little one gets older, baby can also use the Mother Cushion as a pillow, helping your baby learn to sit unaided whilst cushioning them if they do begin to topple over and it is perfect for tummy time play.



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