Why didn’t I try this sooner?! 

We are just back from a wonderful Easter holiday in Donegal, Ireland with the family.  Peat fires, red wine, limited wifi and a new addiction to jig-saws, it really was good for the soul!
Our cars were jam packed with all the ‘essentials’ for the boys, nappies, steriliser, Tommy tippee machine, travel cots, mattresses and prams…you name it, we had it!  The one item that we failed to use the whole trip was our pram!

We went for long walks along Donegals beautiful beaches, not ideal for four wheels we were thankful we had packed the baby carriers!

Neither of us had used a baby carrier that often, the pram was always the go to option but we are definitely both converts.  If you have an active, outdoor lifestyle and often go for long walks on terrain where a pram or buggy is not ideal you need to invest!!

We used the Jane Travel Papoose carrier found here.  It is lightweight, has thick padded foam straps and a waist band strap that really spreads out the weight. It suitable from 3 months – 2 years old so you will definitely get your money’s worth!  It has 3 different positions, Sam took a lovely little nap cosied into Tara while Zac wanted to be nosey and see what was going on! The other position is strapped onto your back, we are yet to try that one!

It does take a bit of getting used to and some practice getting the baby strapped in but once you are good to go it’s great to have free hands and no bulky buggy to cart about!


Kerry & Tara x


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