20 Facts about us..

So because there are two of us we decided to chicken out and do 10 facts each 😊 Here we go!..

Kerry’s 10 Facts:

1. I’m the eldest of 3 girls
2. I studied Fashion Marketing at Northumbria University

3. I competed in the Topper World Championships (sailing)

4. I grew up in the countryside Co.Down, N.Ireland

5. I lived in China and worked for a company there designing lingerie

6. My husband & I bought a small cottage/renovation project
7. I’m partial to a wee Gin & Ginger
8. Strangford Lough is my favourite place

9. I strongly believe in the saying ‘Treat other people the way you would like to be treated’

10. Family is so important to me & Zac is my biggest achievement to date 💙
Tara’s 10 Facts: 

1. I have middle child syndrome

2. I hit the big 30 next year

3. I studied Business with Marketing at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne

4. I went travelling in Australia and lived and worked in Sydney for 6 months as a traffic controller

5. I am a farmers wife and live on a farm

6. I will be married 2 years this May to my school sweetheart

7. We lived in a mobile home for 8 months while building our house

8. Our self build only really became a home when we brought Sam home on the 3rd of Feb this year

9. I used hypnobirthing techniques and had a waterbirth with Sam and can only describe birth as amazing

10. I feel blessed every day for my family. I am very close with them all and speak to my sisters everyday without fail.
Hope you enjoyed!

Kerry & Tara x


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