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As sisters it is only through being pregnant that we have really appreciated each other, being there to ask the questions we wouldn’t ask anyone else, nag and complain about being uncomfortable or question if what was happening to our bodies or how we were feeling was ‘normal’.

Throughout both of our pregnancies we read up on books, blogs and chatted to friends about their experience on motherhood. It is so true that nobody can prepare you but we certainly found comfort in hearing and reading about others.

We are so lucky to be able to share our journey as sisters with our sons Zac & Sam arriving only six months apart.


Although we are both new mothers we have already learned a lot along the way and have gathered some helpful tips and tricks. Despite being siblings we have had some very different experiences which just proves every mother and her baby are different.

We decided to share our stories and become a conversation you may wish to listen in to if you too are a mother, are expecting or trying for a baby and to be that sister you may not have. . . .

We look forward to sharing our journey with you,

Kerry & Tara x


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